Expected 2023: the Italian translation of Iduna Paalmans poetry collection Taking the Snarl Out of the Dog at the Italian publishing house Edizioni Ensemble.

My rock – poem for audio documentary The Unwanted Boulder, English translation and voiced by M. M. Garr.

Short biography and analysis of Iduna Paalman and her poetry, and six translated poems from her poetry collection Taking the Snarl Out of the Dog (biography and analysis written by Steffie Van Neste, poems written by Iduna Paalman, all translated by Michele Hutchison)

Poetry That Wants to Live – Reports from Paul van Ostaijen’s Occupied City and from the infected city of today – article for the low countries (written by Iduna Paalman, translated by Paul Vincent)

Keep Sterile, Do Not Prick – poem by Iduna Paalman (translated by Paul Vincent for the low countries).

Maria de’ Medici Gets Ready – poem by Iduna Paalman (translated by Laura Vroomen for the low countries).

Tout va pour le mieux me dit la coiffeuse – French translation of a poem by Iduna Paalman, published in Septentrion magazine, 2020.