Iduna Paalman is a poet and writer. Her poetry debut Taking the snarl out of the Dog was released in 2019. The collection was awarded the Poetry Debut Prize 2020, nominated for the Ida Gerhardt Poetry Prize, the C. Buddingh’ Prize and the Eline van Haaren Prize, and received an honourable mention from the Grand Poetry Prize. The Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant named her literary talent of the year. In 2022, her second poetry collection Proof of Preservation came out, which was awarded the J.C. Bloem Prize in 2023 and nominated for the Herman de Coninck Prize. Iduna also writes plays, reviews and essays. Besides her work as a writer Iduna Paalman is a teacher and a moderator.

Quotes about Iduna Paalman, her second album Proof of Preservation (2022) and her debut collection Taking the Snarl Out of the Dog (2019). Source: Dutch newspapers, magazines, jury’s and writers.

“This poetry shows poignantly and beautifully that history does not belong to women.” ★★★★ NRC Handelsblad

“The strength of ‘Proof of Preservation’ lies precisely in that friction between probing and multi-sidedness on the one hand, and the unmissable message around women’s emancipation on the other. […] In any case, from all the archival sheets the poet slides over each other, the announcement of a great authorship rises.” De Standaard

“‘Proof of Preservation’ is a solid collection in which pain and laughter go together.” ★★★★ de Volkskrant

“In disturbing poems, Paalman claims the right of women to whom it has been denied.” Jury J.C. Bloem Prize 2020

“A sensational talent.” Jury Ida Gerhardt Poetry Prize 2020

“A cleverly constructed collection with an impressive thrust.” Jury Grand Poetry Prize 2020

“Literary talent of the year.” De Volkskrant

“The contrast between the oppression, the curious observations and linguistic precision keeps the reader alert.” Jury Poetry Debut Prize 2020

“Paalman navigates between false reassurance, hubris and death fear. She constructs beautiful images and original metaphors.” Jury C. Buddingh’s Prize 2020

“Iduna Paalman convinces with her own voice in her debut collection.” ★★★★ NRC Handelsblad

“Clear, witty and full of powerful images.” Trouw

“That tension between sometimes lighthearted, calming words and the insecurity and uncontrollability underneath is what typifies Taking the Snarl Out of the Dog.” De Volkskrant

 “An idiosyncratic poetry debut full of false reassurances to cherish.” Het Parool

“Nobody swore the inner turmoil more beautifully and playfully than Iduna Paalman in 2019. […] Her poetry is tough, physical and cool. ” Tsead Bruinja, Poet Laureate of The Netherlands.

“A collection in which seeking and exorcising go hand in hand when entering a sometimes intoxicating, sometimes threatening, but constantly changing reality.” Awater Poetry Magazine

Translated work

Estrarre Il Grugno Dal Cane – Italian translation of Iduna Paalmans poetry collection Taking the Snarl Out of the Dog at the Italian publishing house Edizioni Ensemble. Translations: Patrizia Filia

Salomé I – un poème d’Iduna Paalman, French translation by Hans Hoebeke for les plats pays.

My rock – poem for audio documentary The Unwanted Boulder, English translation and voiced by M. M. Garr.

Short biography and analysis of Iduna Paalman and her poetry, and six translated poems from her poetry collection Taking the Snarl Out of the Dog – biography and analysis written by Steffie Van Neste, poems written by Iduna Paalman, all translated by Michele Hutchison.

Poetry That Wants to Live – Reports from Paul van Ostaijen’s Occupied City and from the infected city of today, article for the low countries, written by Iduna Paalman, translated by Paul Vincent.

Keep Sterile, Do Not Prick – poem by Iduna Paalman, translation by Paul Vincent for the low countries.

Maria de’ Medici Gets Ready – poem by Iduna Paalman, translation by Laura Vroomen for the low countries.

Tout va pour le mieux me dit la coiffeuse – French translation of a poem by Iduna Paalman, published in Septentrion magazine.